Customer Testimonials

Results from REAL customers tell the "real" story on how well a product works. Here are just SOME of the testimonials from the ProstaGenix website. They have more testimonials and success stores of any other prostate supplement on the market - in fact it's not even close.

"I am telling friends about ProstaGenix"

I am grateful to have found a product that delivers what it claims. I have tried several products over the years including premium saw palmetto products and teas and on and on. I would often combine different products to get results. This proved very frustrating and more expensive. I've done a lot of research on line and I'm grateful to have found ProstaGenix, one stop shopping complete. The lab report from Verified Nutrition said it all. This product is potent. I've been taking this product for over a month and I see a positive difference. I am telling friends about ProstaGenix. I have ordered several more bottles. - Bruce Pederson, Toms River, New Jersey

"Praise God for the inventors of ProstaGenix"

I've been taking ProstaGenix for two weeks and have already noticed a huge difference. I know you recommend three pills a day, however I take only one pill 45-minutes before bedtime and it has helped me tremendously. My bathroom visits at night has diminished. I also tried numerous supplements before taking ProstaGenix that did not work. Praise God for the inventors of ProstaGenix. This pill really works and I recommend anyone with prostate problems to try it. It's most definitely a life changer! - Donald Kelly, San Francisco

"It has changed my life and I am so grateful that I found ProstaGenix"

I want to take this opportunity to comment on my experience with ProstaGenix. I was taking a different product using saw palmetto as it’s active ingredient and desperate for a product that actually worked. That’s when I saw Larry King on tv promoting ProstaGenix with Beta Sitosterol as its primary active ingredient. It has changed my life and I am so grateful that I found ProstaGenix. I recommend ProstaGenix to anyone with the prostate woes as it has worked as advertised for me, take the plunge and try it out. - Albert G Goree, St. Petersburg, Florida

"ProstaGenix really works"

ProstaGenix really works. It has reduced my urge to get up in the middle of the night to urinate. I have also noticed improvement as far as urinary flow goes. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an answer to cut down on nightly unwanted trips to the bathroom!! - David Irion, Addison, Illinois

"I highly recommend this product"

I have been taking ProstaGenix for over 2 months now. I noticed after three weeks I was making fewer bathroom trips. Was going 2 times per night, now it is only once and sometimes no trips at all. I also sleep longer and deeper. I highly recommend this product. - David Y., Greenville, South Carolina

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