Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy ProstaGenix?

A: You can buy ProstaGenix directly from the manufacturer at ProstaGenix This is the recommended place to purchase the product from. It's not recommended that you buy from a third-party site because you may be buying counterfeit products. This is both dangerous and probably a waste of money, since you most likely won't see any results.

Q: Does ProstaGenix have any side-effects?

A: Since the ingredients in ProstaGenix are all-natural, you won't see any side-effects. Unless you're allergic to one of the ingredients in the product, you won't see any side-effects that you will need to worry about. Taking the product as directed has not had a single case where a man was negatively affected.

Q: How do I take ProstaGenix?

A: You simply take three capsules daily to see the desired results with ProstaGenix. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Q: What results will I see with ProstaGenix?

A: You will get back to feeling like your "old self" again. No more multiple nighttime bathroom trips, no more looking for a mens room everywhere you go and finally, a sense or normalcy will come back to your life that you may have forgotten about due to your nagging prostate issues. You will feel young and energetic again.

Q: Is ProstaGenix safe?

A: Since the ingredients in ProstaGenix are 100% all-natural and 100% safe, you will not see any negative side-effects with this product. Therefore, it is definitely a safe product, and you will not see any bad symptoms.

Q: How often should I take ProstaGenix?

A: You should take ProstaGenix every day in order to see the best results possible.

Q: Is ProstaGenix better than other products out there?

A: ProstaGenix beat over 160 products, from 16 different countries in independent laboratory tests. This was also mentioned on the TV featuring Larry King. You can see the results at – but believe this –ProstaGenix is the most talked about prostate product to ever hit the market and that is because it works – it really works!

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